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Falling into Freedom | Michael Doud

August 22, 2021 Michael Doud Season 1 Episode 4
That's the #Truth
Falling into Freedom | Michael Doud
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Falling into Freedom | Michael Doud | Daniel and Jenny Muscatell Podcast

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Today’s Guest is Michael Doud. Michael is an explorer of both the inner and outer worlds of his life. Never did he think as a 6-year-old boy standing on the sand in Redondo Beach, CA, that he would travel the world.

He’s explored Tibet, Europe, India, North America, Nepal, China, and other Asian countries, discovering how the people, culture, and belief structures of these countries are both different and the same as his own. Along the way, he also found that this travel was only an appetizer to life-changing and meaningful inner explorations. He learned that the more fascinating and more profound adventure was learning about how his mind and actions responded to work, relationships, killing, love, addiction, homelessness, parenting, and depression.

From the cultural explosion brought forth by the protests and love-ins of the 1960s to sitting in silence for ninety days in an old English convent in 1998, Falling into Freedom is his journey to discover his five principles for personal freedom. These principles have helped him see things as they are and not how he wanted them to be.

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