That's the #Truth

Lisa Colvil | The Beauty of Grace

May 10, 2021 Lisa Colvil Season 1 Episode 8
That's the #Truth
Lisa Colvil | The Beauty of Grace
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Lisa Colvil | The Beauty of Grace | Daniel and Jenny Muscatell Podcast

That's the #Truth podcast

Lisa was born to a Vietnamese refugee who came to America after the fall of Saigon. She grew up as an only child, born with three types of CHD She had her first surgery at the age of 3 months in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In hopes of warmer weather and better health, she and her mother moved to California where she had her second surgery at age six at Children's Hospital of Los angels, California.

Lisa knows the ache of living with CHD within the Vietnamese culture. She understands the challenges involved in trying to face  a major illness, with the added complications of language and other barriers. But She also knows the power of love and the hope of God.

 As a result, it is her passion and desire to help others who have experienced similar hardships. She is a fierce advocate in the CHD Community and has made it her mission to break down stigmas associated with this invisible illness and provide support to those who live with CHD.

 Lisa wrote, Through the Beauty of Grace I will, to bring hope to those living with CHD Lisa resides in California with her husband and two beautiful children and remains a strong ally to the CHD community.

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